Fugitive Emissions Management For A Gas Plant

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Fugitive Emissions Management For A Gas Plant

30 October 2017
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Being the owner of a gas plant comes with the responsibility of ensuring that everything is maintained properly. For instance, you must make sure that pipelines are maintained in the proper manner so gas can flow through without leaking out. It is also important to comply with regulations in regards to fugitive emissions, which should include occasional inspections by professionals. Neglecting to manage the equipment properly will not only be risky for the safety of your employees, but can get your plant shut down. Browse this article for tips in regards to keeping your plant in a condition that is safe.

Why You Should Prevent Leakage of VOCs

Preventing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from leaking out of equipment is the most important reason why fugitive emission management is needed. The compounds are basically gases that can cause problems in numerous ways. For example, the gases can put your plant at risk for exploding when least expected. It is also harmful to inhale VOCs, as they can cause health problems such as headaches, liver damage, and harm the central nervous system. If any of your employees were to become ill from unknowingly inhaling VOCs at the gas plant, you can get sued.

What an Emissions Management Company Can Do

The most important thing that an emissions management company can do is make sure your plant is in compliance with the fugitive emissions regulations. Basically, a leak detection and repair (LDAR) survey will be conducted that can act as evidence that your plant is in compliance. Pressure relief valves, compressors, and pumps are some of the things that a fugitive emissions management field agent can inspect. Equipment can also be used to determine if there are any VOCs in the air within the environment of your plant. The level of VOCs that are found will also be noted as a way to let you know how severe the problem is.

Software That Can Be Used for Management

Some of the fugitive emissions management companies are able to assist by using software. The reason why the software is helpful is because it keeps records of each survey that is performed at your gas plant. The records can be used when you have to prove that your plant isn't breaking any rules in regards to fugitive emissions. Each part that that is in need of a repair will be listed within the software program for your convenience. Once repairs have been made, they will be noted in the software as well.

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